Letter from Shihan Seiji Isobe to Sensei Glaube Feitosa wrote in 1999 before 7th World Championships


Dear student Glaube,

You are 26 years old, and you weigh 104 kilograms – we can all be jealous of your perfect physical measurements.

I feel, that all my ambitions, which have begun in 1972 when I came to Brazil, were realized when I look how you become a warrior who makes all great Kyokushin warriors tremble.

You have the chance to accomplish, what your predecessors could not – as the first Brazilian reach for the World Championship title. The harder the road to the top, the more satisfying the title.

You first came to the San Bernardo Dojo when you were only 12. To tell you the truth, I barely remember you back then. Six years later you impressed the crowds at the national championships, and there was no doubt that you will become a great person.

From that day, slowly but surely, your skills improved at the exhausting training camps and during fights with Chico (Francisco Filho) started in 1992. Two years later, at the Sao Paolo Regional tournament you were defeated with a knockout by jodan tobi hiza geri. However, since that day you started a deadly training, to reach for wins, one after another, in national championships and twice the America Cup. I was most impressed by your performance at the Paris World Cup. It was amazing to watch this little boy, who wouldn not even hurt a fly  to transform into a powerful man, who could feel like the „king of the world”.

That is why my expectations towards you and Chico to succeed at the World Championships are so great. Many people think that the win has something to do with the brackets lottery, but the World Championships take place only once in 4 years, so there is no chance to leave it to fate.

I wish that you treated this as your final trial, and no matter who will be your opponent – a Japanese or your senpai – you have to walk out strong and knock them down with the power of your spirit. I wish you could feel the inspiration which only the ones that reach the top feel.

I am already 51 years old. 27 years have passed since I came to Brazil. I strongly count on your (and Chico’s) success in the tournament, which could become a turning point in my life. You cannot waste the hard work and effort you put in your training. I am sure you can win! I know that your courage will allow you to proudly stand at the podium!

Your Sensei – Seiji Isobe